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Staff Profiles
H.I.S. Cambodia Travel is a Japan standard travel agency with high quality and services in Japan. These are our outstanding staffs who are expert in arranging local and overseas tour package in H.I.S. Cambodia Travel.

My hometown : Phnom Penh
Languages : Khmer, English, Thai, Japanese
My hobbies : listening to music, Eating, Traveling
Favorite destination : Europe, Japan, Maldive
Next visit : Finland and Norway
Favorite food : Seafood, Thai food, Japanese Food
Experience tour leading : Thailand 5 times, Singapore 3 times, Malaysia 3 times, Hong Kong 1 time, Maldive 1 times, Japan 15 times, Europe 3 times,


My hometown : Phnom Penh
Languages : Khmer, English, Japanese
My hobbies : Playing Game, Listening to music and traveling
Favorite destination : Japan, Swiss, Germany, France
Next visit : London
Favorite food : Japanese food
Experience tour leading : Singapore 2 time, Malaysia 1 time, Bali 6 times, Europe 1 time, Japan 10 times


My hometown : Kompot Province
Languages : Khmer, English
My hobbies : Listening to music, Surfing internet, Watching movie and drama
Favorite destination : Mondulkiri province, Sihanuk Ville
Next visit : Japan
Favorite food : Spicy foods, some raw seafoods and meats, noodle
Secret talent : Quick learning
Experience tour leading : Bangkok 1 time, Singapore 1 time


My hometown : Tbong Khmom Province
Languages : Khmer, English
My hobbies : Listening to music, Watching movie and traveling
Favorite destination : Bangkok, Koh Rong
Next visit : Chieng Mai, Japan, China
Favorite food : Spicy foods (Thai food, Khmer food)
Secret talent : I can cook some foods
Experience tour leading : Siem Reap 2 times, Kep & Kampot 1time, Kom Pong Som 5 times, Thai 1 time


My hometown : Prey Veng
Languages : Khmer, English, Korean
My hobbies : Listening to music, Playing game, going sightseeing
Favorite destination : Bangkok, Sihanounk Ville, Ratanakiri, Mondolkiri
Next visit : Japan, Bangkok
Favorite food : Thai Food, Japanese food,
Experience tour leading : Kos Rong Sihanouk Ville 1 time.