Travel Insurance

What is Traveller’s Insurance?
Forte Traveller’s Insurance is designed to provide compensation for losses of baggage and personal effects, expenses for overseas medical and additional expenses, personal liability, hijack and accidental death and permanent disablement occurring during a period of travel. There is also compensation for unrecoverable loss of deposits consequent upon the cancellation of trip. Forte Traveller’s Insurance has a 24 hour emergency medical assistance and services provided by International SOS.

What is the coverage?

Benefits and maximum limits per policy

SectionBenefit and Limit typeSuper Plan
IOverseas Medical And
Additional Expenses
II24-Hour Emergency Medical Assistance And Servicessame benefits for each Insured Person, details as specified in the Policy
IIIAccidental Death And
Permanent Disablement
IVBaggage And Personal Money3,0001,500
VLoss Of Personal Money600300
VIPersonal Liability500,000250,000
VIILoss Of Deposits And
Cancellation Charges


Country List
Asia PacificSchengenWorldwide
• ASIAN country

• Bangladesh

• Bhutan

• China

• Hong Kong

• India

• Japan

• Tibet

• North Korea

• South Korea

• Macau

• Maldives

• Mongolia

• Pakistan

• Sri Lanka

• Taiwan

• The Pacific Islands
• Austria

• Belgium

• Czech Republic

• Denmark

• Estonia

• Finland

• France

• Germany

• Greece

• Hungry

• Iceland

• Italy
• Latvia

• Lithuania

• Luxembourg

• Malta

• Netherlands

• Norway

• Poland

• Portugal

• Slovakia

• Slovenia

• Spain

• Sweden

• Switzerland
• All countries except USA and Canada